Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) are the three types of companies.
  • Timely Fulfilment
  • Diligent quality inspection process
  • Competitive pricing
Broad Product Offering

We keep stock of variety of products so that you don’t have wait for procurement.

Shortage Solutions

Shinya helps the customers with effective shortage solutions so that your organization functions smoothly.

EOL/Obsolete solutions

Get in touch with our experts for EOL or obsolete solutions.

Avail The Services from Experts

Experience is something that can't be bought or sold; it must be earned.

  • We have a decade of experience selling electronic components and electronic equipment.
  • Growing up with the changes in our field has been a learning experience that comes with the territory.
  • We no longer sell our experience. It's merely a piece of the product package our customers are looking for. Make use of our expertise; buying components and products from professionals is much easier!